Our Mission

SCAI promotes a greater awareness and understanding of the rules of the student code of conduct and addresses issues of student academic misconduct.

SCAI is a Department within the Division of Student Affairs, and is a part of the Dean of Students Office.

Report Alleged Violations

An alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct or Residential Code of Conduct

An alleged violation of the Code of Academic Integrity

Background Information

Kennesaw State Student Center exterior
The SCAI Department strives to assure fair and impartial considerations of misconduct charges against any 成人直播 student through a system of campus hearing boards and other administrative procedures (hearing officers).

The SCAI structure includes hearing officers and hearing boards (University Hearing Panel). Each hearing board is composed of faculty, staff, and student members of the SCAI panel. Members of the panel are trained to hear complaints, arrive at fair and impartial conclusions and deliver clear and direct recommendations. 

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