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  • Paul Lee

    Kennesaw State receives grant to help children with sickle cell disease

    January 17, 2024

    Most of the estimated 300,000 babies born every year with sickle cell disease, an inherited red blood cell disorder, live in sub-Saharan Africa in nations where there are few resources to treat them. Kennesaw State Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering Paul Lee said it is his life鈥檚 mission to reduce the likelihood that children born with sickle cell disease will die from strokes, one of the most common complications. Lee has received $426,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health for a three-year study aimed at developing a more economical testing device to determine an affected child鈥檚 risk of stroke.

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  • Calculus grant

    Kennesaw State receives $2.5 million grant to foster student success in calculus

    January 02, 2024

    The brainchild of three 成人直播 professors will introduce concepts of calculus into high school math earlier to help students be more successful when they get to college. The National Science Foundation awarded Kennesaw State a $2.5 million interdisciplinary grant for a project being called 鈥淐alculus for All.鈥 The thought behind it is relatively simple 鈥 if students are exposed to concepts of calculus in high school, they stand a better chance of passing calculus classes in college and can pursue STEM-related careers.

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  • Maria Gonzalez

    Kennesaw State engineering graduate has literally come a long way

    December 14, 2023

    Over her first two decades of life, Maria Gonzalez has dealt with some major changes, the most significant being a 1,400-mile move with her family from Central America to northwest Georgia, where she learned English and adapted to a new culture. And, on Dec. 14, the 成人直播 senior will proudly wear a cap and gown to be presented with the bachelor鈥檚 degree in civil engineering she earned from the Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering Technology.

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  • Karen Gandy

    Rocket scientist counting down to final launch of her career

    November 21, 2023

    The notion that it鈥檚 never too late to start something new runs through Karen Gandy鈥檚 head now the same way it did in the 1990s. Gandy was then in her 30s, and despite trying several different jobs, she had yet to find a career that ignited her passion. She applied and was accepted to Southern Polytechnic State University, now 成人直播. That choice launched Gandy鈥檚 career in rocket science and down a path in life that she is reflecting on as she prepares for her final satellite launch and then retirement.

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  • Jordan St. Louis

    Kennesaw State senior bridges safety gap for law enforcement with tech startup

    November 15, 2023

    成人直播 engineering senior Jordan St. Louis is using high-tech imaging technology to improve the safety of law enforcement officers and the community. His company, Generalized Robotics, founded during his freshman year, has created a 360-degree police camera called Patrol Buddy Go and has found its first client in the Clayton County, Ga. Police Department.

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  • Jian Zhang

    Kennesaw State study uses AI, common clothing tags to diagnose health issues

    September 20, 2023

    Occasionally, big ideas are birthed from small beginnings. 成人直播 assistant professor Jian Zhang got the idea to study joint movement after hearing about his friend鈥檚 toddler who developed some serious sleep issues. Zhang, who has a background working on robotic systems and is interested in how Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology can improve our daily lives, thought there might be a way to combine artificial intelligence and clothing security tags to help find a solution.

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  • IVE lab

    Kennesaw State immersive experience lab presents future-focused research opportunities

    September 06, 2023

    Tucked away in an unassuming room on 成人直播鈥檚 campus is a device that can help researchers study black holes, better understand microscopic organisms and even learn to fly.

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  • G茅za Kogler

    NIH grant will help diversify biomedical engineering-related research at Kennesaw State

    August 02, 2023

    成人直播 has begun a program to recruit and educate members of a diverse new generation of innovators in the field of bioengineering, backed by a $1.3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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  • Father and son engineers will graduate Kennesaw State alongside each other

    Father and son engineers will graduate Kennesaw State alongside each other

    May 03, 2023

    Every year, on the third Sunday in June, many people buy cards to say thank you to their father or father figure for things like teaching them to ride a bike or how to play chess or serving as a role model for them throughout their lives.

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  • Kennesaw State awards ceremony recognizes outstanding faculty members

    Kennesaw State awards ceremony recognizes outstanding faculty members

    April 18, 2023

    College of the Arts Theatre and Performance Studies professor Ming Chen has received the University Distinguished Professor Award, the top honor presented during Kennesaw State鈥檚 annual Faculty Awards ceremony on Monday.

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